Client News: @MykoATL Stops in Mississippi for Radio Stop & Show With a Basketball Wife

S/O to Gyant over at BET Blog for Post…make sure to check out for more updates)


Myko and “Real Housewives Bambi”..let me find out something is going on..

Recording superstar Myko continues to build national acclaim with his rising single “Take It Low” with ATL’s Diamond. Myko hopped on the road with his tour manager Barry Howard to bring the state of Mississippi some true love for showing such immense support to the music. And you already know I got some pics to share on the country excursion.

From what I hear, Myko opened up for the now fired housewife Bambi (pssst. I hear he stole the show, right from up under her, but you haven’t heard that from me) in Jackson Mississippi. Afterwards, he lounged in VIP at club Birmingham called PH lounge with Joseline and Benzino (Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta). But of course this was all much later in the night. The R&B singer also hit up radio and showed mad love to 97.7 The Beat where he signed autographs and turned on the charm for Program Director Jocs.

All in all it sounds like a fantastic weekend.

Myko is such a star even the camera picks up the shine.

There go Stevie J. No comment.

No matter how hard the party life goes. That radio life helps gets the bills paid.

Just call him radio ready.

Be sure to check for more exclusive shots from Independently Major Entertainment’s Myko.


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