Campaign Launched!

Yesterday, myself along with several other super professionals in various industries launched the SWEET AUBURN EXPERIENCE campaign!


Setting Up the Campaign – It actually took almost a year to decide to actually move forward with this campaign (my first major campaign that is not client-related) – but not because it wasn’t needed but because of everything involved in launching a global campaign……..the required daily motivation, the necessary research, the enormous amount of organizing, the humbling task of asking for contributions and support, the trials and tribulations of building the right team, the fear of failure, the fear of success, the lack of sleep, the positive attitude your supposed to always have, the unfortunate lack of a social life and then the ACTUAL work involved for success!

So basically….super exciting and emotionally draining at the same damn time!

But I read an article about the 11 Most Endangered Historic Places in the Country and right there on the list was Atlanta’s historic Auburn Avenue –  the place many people consider to be the home of the civil rights movement, it’s also the birth and resting place of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the community was once known as the center of African-American leadership and so much more!

As a publicist, my first inclination, after reading the article, was to spread the word and TELL everyone about Auburn Ave’s situation – but as a young African-American woman who has benefitted enormously from the struggle and sacrifices of those who fought during the civil rights/human rights movement and as a female business owner in this community….I simply felt something should be DONE!

So here we are!

And I’ve decided to share my journey with all of you….the ups, the downs, the successes and yes, the failures (hope that will be the shortest paragraph!) – but anyway, check out the campaign!!!

I’m open to your thoughts and ideas on how to make the Experience Sweeter!

You Can Go Directly to the Campaign and/or any of our social media sites in the document below!

And if you’re able to support the campaign in any way….I’m sincerely thanking you RIGHT NOW!

Thank you!


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