10 Day Campaign Countdown: Why It’s Not EASY Giving Back and “Doing Good”


10 Day Countdown: The Good, Bad & Ugly

So, yes I had planned to write to you everyday from the beginning of the Sweet Auburn Experience (SAX) campaign which launched right before Christmas (bad idea)…but there was no time and very little to talk about, almost from the very beginning I found  that giving back and “Doing Good” isn’t quite as easy as it sounds.

The GOOD, BAD & UGLY of SAX with 10 Days to Go in the Campaign:


Well let me start by saying it’s always a GOOD thing to give back no matter the outcome! And many good things have come from launching this campaign. We’ve found ways to incorporate many causes and initiatives within the Sweet Auburn Experience – things that will change and affect the lives of many people and a whole community throughout this campaign and beyond.

I’ve been immensely uplifted by the words of encouragement of my friends and family, people in the community, the many business associates I’ve worked with throughout the years and definitely from everyone on the SAX Team.

What is also GOOD is that I’ve found that ultimately most people enjoy giving back and supporting the thousands of great causes out there – which can be very overwhelming in itself – so we’ve gotten a lot of “We Applaud Your Efforts” – which is nice, but ultimately people simply ACT on causes, ideas and initiatives that MOVE them.


Unfortunately, what moves me to action may not be what moves YOU. I have to admit it is difficult when others don’t share your passion for your cause – and I know, it’s not like people don’t care – they do, but maybe just not enough to be moved to action!

With no action….No matter how much GOOD you want to do the BAD thing is….you will have a big problem! After all, it can be expensive and very time-consuming to do GOOD!

I mean, who pays for the website so people can see the full vision of your passion, who designs your logo and promotional outreach for the folks who don’t know about your website, who pays the many people on your team who share your passion but can’t afford to work for free? For that matter….how do you pay yourself when all of your time is devoted to making something GOOD happen with no guarantee on a return.

It’s also BAD when you work in the entertainment industry and see entertainers (who you know) spend $5,000 on a bottle  at a club and shirk when you ask them to spend $200 to help save a community.

(If you’re reading this said  “entertainer”… I’m still waiting on the call back!)

I’m gonna leave this alone for now…. it may be worthy of it’s own blog post!


Trying to make GOOD things happen can sometimes be UGLY.

I’ve lost a friend or two trying to put together the Sweet Auburn Experience Campaign – often times you are at the mercy of those working for your cause since they are working for free or working because they are your friend…and this situation can cause a lot of loud talking, long texts in all caps, and many unanswered phone calls that have yet to be returned to this day!

Misunderstandings and hard decisions about the direction of the campaign were the very first obstacles of launching SAX. But sometimes you must weigh appeasing a friend with fighting a cause…this meant a few sleepless nights for me but ultimately you have to let it go for GOOD of the campaign and hope that your friend(s) will understand.

(Hey”friends”! If you’re out there….I miss you!) 

Did I mention sleepless nights – Well, since funding is an issue, staffing is an issue… so much of the work falls on a very few. With 10 days left, I can tell you that we’re NOT SLEEPING – if you were to see me right now…..as I’m writing this…UGLY!!

But I will end this on a GOOD Note: We’d like to welcome and thank our many new partners, friends and associates who have joined the campaign and are helping to make the Sweet Auburn Experience happen despite our obstacles!

Please visit Sweet Auburn Experience to find out what we are doing and if you find yourself “moved” in the next 10 days…Join Us….your small contribution will go a long way towards the many causes we are supporting.

Tomorrow I will tell you guys about a few of our events! Stay Tuned!

[Sad Note: As I’m writing this blog post, I just learned of the passing of my dear friend, business colleague and fellow publicist – Dee Dee Cocheta. I thought about not posting today about the campaign out of respect for Dee Dee, but then I could hear her saying, “Are You Crazy – I taught you better than that!” She was there for me when I moved to Atlanta and launched my youth program but knew no one in the city, she believed in me and she helped me even though she was struggling herself. She never stopped believing in the good of all people and never stopped inspiring people even in the last few weeks of her battle with cancer…..even when it seemed there was no more hope – she remained positive and continued to fight, and today…SHE WON! She is now resting in eternal peace! Thank You Dee Dee I’m so proud to have called you my friend. Keep Shining Mama…I hope one day my light will shine as bright as yours! RIP]

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