Hip Hop Community To Present Unique 24-Hour Event Aimed At Bringing Awareness, Sparking Action, And Delivering A Message Of Nonviolence 

(Atlanta GA – February 12, 2014) The Sweet Auburn Experience (SAX), an initiative dedicated to reflecting, respecting and revitalizing Auburn Avenue in Atlanta GA, announced last week that it will present the SAX 24-Hour Party for Peace on February 27th – February 28th at the Royal Peacockon Atlanta’s historic Auburn Avenue.The SAX team will partner with many of the biggest names and organizations in the hip hop community, such as the International Core DJsHoodrich DJs and RadioCoalition DJs, Team Bigga Rankin, and RocHarder DJs, along with numerous hip hop blogs, local radio stations and many more, to converge on Atlanta’s historic Auburn Avenue for an event aimed at uniting the next generation of leaders with historic civil rights organizations, local businesses, community groups and individuals against violence in our communities and bringing awareness to the alarming rate of homicides of young black males ages 15-24.

“Homicides are the leading cause of death for African American males ages 15-24,” according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The SAX team believes that merging the powerful voices of the hip hop community with this message of nonviolence will resonate most with the young people who so closely associate with hip hop’s music, culture and lifestyle.

Tony Neal, Founder/President of the Core DJs says, “I’ve lost both a brother and son to senseless violence. Because of this, it is my life long goal to help deter individuals from their participation in random acts of violence. My desire is to utilize my platform within the music industry to reach as many people with this message, as well as help create and contribute to programs, initiatives and events promoting this same message. I am proud and honored to be a part of this movement, and I look forward to helping ensure its success.”

The 24-Hour Party for Peace is not only an event that highlights the importance of ending overall gun violence, black on black crime, hate crimes, and unjustified/racially motivated police shootings around the country, but is symbolic in its location on Auburn Avenue, considered by many to be the home of the modern civil rights movement. Additionally, it is the location of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Center for NonViolent Social Change – where he is also buried.

There aren’t many issues that bind a global community, but here, there are two… the universal love of hip hop and the unfortunate fact that everyone has been touched, in some way, by senseless violence. The SAX team felt the 24-Hour Party for Peace should be the culminating event of the Sweet Auburn Experience because of this issue’s destructive impact on an entire generation of young people and the need for immediate action in communities around the country.

More details will be announced leading up to the event on February 27th.

For more information and/or to get involved: or Follow and Contact SAX on Twitter@SaveAuburnAve

For media inquiries: Contact Kimberly Wilson via or 404.484.5538

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