Brian Beane Is Transforming Audiences All Over the World


Brian Beane 82 After retiring at age 22 and acquiring an English degree from Morehouse College, Brian Beane has used his personal and professional  experiences to inspire, energize and transform individuals, businesses of all  sizes and various community organizations all around the world.

His powerful message of personal and economic empowerment is delivered  with unparalleled authenticity and a “real talk” approach that is easily  adaptable to any topic.

Brian has trained groups in Tahiti, Mexico, Monaco, Dominican Republic, Dubai and Aruba and is now booked to speak in Dallas TX, Washington DC, Atlanta GA and more over the next few months.

Brian has often been quoted as saying his success is due to a  combination of “book smarts and street smarts.” He believes a formal  education can give you a “platform,” but specialized knowledge gives you a  “springboard.”  With that, he attended his first network marketing event in 1996 which altered his career path entirely.

He took the mentorship he learned in the “hard knocks of network  marketing” in 1996, and “fired his boss” 2 years later at the age of 22, after earning over $1 million in profit. He went  on to help pioneer Localnet/E.TV, a telecom company Co-Founded by the son of billionaire Ted Turner. He would then become known as the ‘Boy Wonder’ because of his youth and ability to train and captivate audiences on various levels and topics.

Never interested in success only for himself, Mr. Beane created a training company, Mentor to Millions, Inc. and started conducting personal growth and development seminars to successful business owners, community leaders, non-profit organizations and other network marketers.  His Academy and Intensive Training Curriculums have helped thousands excel not only professionally, but personally as well.


Why YOU Should Book Brian Beane to Speak At Your Next Event…

His brand successfully evolved  from an organization that created a buzz in network marketing to a brand synonymous with the “Power to Change” and he is most often engaged to help:

  • Create New Positive Personal and Professional Habits
  • Build Business Confidence and Endurance
  • Become an Effective Listener and Communicator
  • Overcome Challenges and Resolve Conflicts

OH, did we mention that Brian was named one of North America’s TOP MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKERS!

Check Out Brian Now and Listen to What A Few Folks Have to Say:


He has recently launched a new program called I Am A Messenger – that you can sign up for now!

How to Connect with Brian Beane Online…


Don’t Procrastinate…Shift Your Mindset, Shift Your Income!

Make It Happen! 




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