Client News: It’s Time You Meet David Correy…..



Former X Factor Finalist Partners With New Management Team And Releases Special Tribute Song To Honor Adoptive Mother On the One-Year Anniversary of Her Passing

(ATLANTA, GA – March 26, 2015) On February 17th, 2015, Brazilian-American singer David Correy signed to 50/50 Music Group, a multi-faceted music management, publishing and consulting firm headquartered in Atlanta, GA. For years, he pursued his music career on his own until finally deciding on a management company that could facilitate the necessary steps in the forward progression of his career. As a diversely talented singer, Correy delivers soulful music through a myriad of well-blended musical styles. He is a visionary that is always expanding his horizons in the landscape of today’s music. By signing with 50/50 Music Group, Correy has made it clear that he wants to elevate his career to new heights.

Originally featured on the 2nd season of X-Factor in 2012, David Correy has succeeded in making a name for himself in the industry. Born in Brazil, he was adopted at an early age and grew up in Riva, Maryland. He stole the heart of the world by searching for his birth mother while a contestant on the show. Unfortunately, after connecting with his birth mother, tragedy hit close to home with the death of his foster mother.

Friday, March 27th, 2015 marks the one-year anniversary of Correy’s foster mother’s passing. As a tribute to her, Correy has released the song, “Fighter”, an emotional and uplifting musical piece that displays the love and appreciation he holds for the mother who raised him. This song, along with his other recent material, has garnered several hundred thousand views, likes and listens, signaling Correy’s genuine connection to his fans.

When referring to his music, Correy contributes much of his success to being able to incorporate diversity into his music as a multi-lingual artist. He believes that music can bridge the gap between different people and it has enabled him to stretch his perspective about music and widen its universal appeal across all cultures.

David Correy has tirelessly pursued his passion for music and is currently planning the release of a new single and video. He has already toured the world and because of his growing popularity and global sound, he was recently showcased as an Ambassador and Official Anthem Singer for his song, The World Is Ours’, Coca-Cola’s 2014 World’s Anthem for the FIFA World Cup.

For up-to-date information on David Correy, please connect with him via: Twitter -@DavidCorrey,  IG – DavidCorrey,      Youtube – DavidCorreyMusic, Facebook – DavidCorreyURR

Wish Creative Media Welcomes David Correy to the Family!

Get to Know David Correy:

Performing “I AM” on The Today Show: 

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