Billboard Hitmakers
The Billboard Hitmakers have combined their individual talents to create a tidal wave of legendary music across all genres. Together, Jonathan De La Rosa (Bravo) of Baltimore, MD and Eduardo Burgess (Edubb) of Nashville, TN have the talent and are quickly developing the musical chemistry reminiscent of The Neptunes, LaFace, The Smeezingtons, and 808 Mafia. Their signature sound is making its way throughout the industry and in the hands of new fans daily. They are the bridge to this generation’s new music culture…The Billboard Hitmakers are the sound of NOW.
Follow the Sound – @BillboardHitmakers

The B.E.A.T. Summit is an entertainment business event for teen creatives. It brings together the most creative young songwriters, performing artists, visual artists, future executives, and music producers…seven days of captivating workshops, and engaging experiences and provocative panel discussions, hands-on-training – a full range of exciting events. All Young Up and Comers…..FOLLOW, LEARN, CREATE


Rod Da God
Fun, young and witty, Rod Da God, affectionately crowned the #FreshPrinceofATL, Rod Da God is making his mark not only in ATL but all across the SouthEast – touring with Fresh Empire, Signing a New Deal and Earning the Ear of  Grammy-Award Winning DJ Toomp – he is now his latest protege – This FairyTale is Just Beginning – Now see why… @RodDaGoddd
Blazian is an American Hip-Pop group comprised of brothers Charlie Walker III (CJ) and Darius Walker (DJ), natives of Atlanta but raised in Jackson MS. These young and gifted entertainers are the definition of today’s youth culture and sound. With their amazing style and performance abilities, Blazian has opened and/or shared the stage with some of the biggest names in entertainment. Additionally, these brothers have quickly built an incredible, global social media following and are currently on a promotional tour for their upcoming project.
Check Them OUT – @WeBlazian
The Pyramid
1010 cover He’s Here! Hailing from the home of the ‘Independent Hip-Hop King’ himself, Tech N9NE, The PYRAMID is poised to become the ‘Crown Prince’ of his beloved Kansas City, Missouri.
Follow the Movement @ItsPyramid
That's Big Piph!

That’s Big Piph!

Introducing Piph!
Epiphany (Piph), born Chane Morrow, from Little Rock Arkansas is a graduate of Stanford University, where he studied mechanical engineering.  However, at the age of 21, he found that music was his true calling – AND he was right! 
For the past several years he’s honed his skills and successfully produced an album, released a diverse string of singles and mixtapes, and continues to deliver incredible live performances all over the world!



R&B’s Next Super Star…Myko! (pronounced Meeko)

While today’s music market has become saturated with fresh young hopefuls, discovering a musical prodigy like recording artist, songwriter and dancer Myko (Meeko) is a rare find. Ambitious, poised and blessed with a unique sound, this Atlanta gem is prepared for global domination.  With the city of Atlanta overflowing with exceptional talent from the likes of Outkast, TLC, Usher, Ne-Yo, Trey Songz and many more, the common thread amongst all these chart-toppers is their success in changing the face of popular music for today and the future.

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Myko, born Alvin Sharpe, got his start in the acoustic halls of the church. With a forceful tone and impressive vibrato, the unique sound of this budding superstar was discovered at a very early age. And, credits his father, for his musical motivation. “I would say my father was my first inspiration.” Myko reflects on his inception into music. “He was a gospel singer..and I would attend his shows and carry the equipment around…that’s when I first fell in love with singing”. Inspired by legendary musicians like the Manhattan’s, Stylistics, Temptation’s, Donny Hathaway, Michael McDonald and Phil Collins, this 6”4 vocalist has managed to infuse his love of the 70’s into his uniquely crafted sound “I would describe my sound as Urban Pop.” Myko explains “A fusion of urban sounds over Pop beats or vice versa. My voice is very traditional so the transition comes naturally to me.”

Making the decision to put his love of music and performing into the forefront, a chance meeting with Kansas City Chief’s Thomas Jones, changed both their lives forever when Jones enlisted Myko for his Independently Major record company as his star artist. After traveling the globe working with  such impressive acts like Jason Derulo, the late Static Major, the Underdogs, Cool & Dre and more, Myko developed a strong knowledge of songwriting and vocal arrangements. Add to that great records like Take It Low fearturing fellow Atlien Diamond ( Crime Mob),  Pop smash “Nothing I Won’t Do,” and Atlanta heat seeker “OK OK” produced by Cool & Dre and featuring Atlanta’s own Future, and it’s clear destiny has begun to make Myko a worldwide star.

A budding brand in his own right, Myko’s model type looks, and abilities in music, both singing and dancing, is preparing the “Take It  Low” star to rise all the way to the top.

You can follow Myko at and discover more music and info at…


Rapper, singer, actor, writer, motivational speaker…T’juan is truly an
artist at heart. Growing up in Jacksonville, Florida, T’juan was influenced by
much of what life had to offer him. Inspired by life, his music transcends
far beyond measure and it crosses all barriers. He is one who understands
that “to whom much is given, much is required.” T’juan remains steadfast in
his commitment to sewing into the lives of peers and his community. Though
he has many gifts and talents, T’juan has a love for music above all. He’d
often say “I listen to music and music listens to me.”  With a sound he
describes as “Urban Kingdom,” Urban meaning real and Kingdom meaning life,
T’juan is looking to set a new tone with his music, without losing the true
value of life.

T’juan’s passion and his enduring work ethic have caused him to excel in
his career. He has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with great artists such as, Jessica
Reedy, Lisa McClendon, Canton Jones, Pettidee, G.R.I.T.S., and DaTruth just
to name a few. Likewise, he has had the privilege of opening and touring
with many of today’s top music artists such as, Plies, T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Lil
Boosie, Rick Ross, and Bow Wow. He has a message that relates to any and
everyone. One of love.

BET (Black Entertainment Television) has enlisted T’juan as he now tours
with the BET Wrap It Up team, spreading the message of HIV/AIDS awareness.  He
has just released his debut album, “29:11,” which has been greatly
anticipated due to the strong response he received from his mix-tape, “The
Arrival,” hosted by street giant and industry executive, Bigga Rankin. “The
Arrival” has earned T’juan an outstanding 5 awards and numerous
recognitions for its incredible positive impact it’s made. With major plans already developed to
follow up the release of “29:11,” T’juan remains thankful to God for all
the blessings He’s bestowed upon his life.

Live Good, Die Right! #LGDR

Discover T’

The Archerville Cartel
Check out The Archerville Cartel (@Archerville) straight out of the DMV!
Thoughtful lyrical Hip-Hop with a clever blend of old and new.
Look for all previous and new media at:
The Archerville Cartel have a unique outlook of the game, take a look at this interview and go in-depth with the cartel!
No Handouts Volume 1



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