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We love Twitter here at WCMM! But when it comes to bringing awareness, implementing solutions for important causes and impacting the lives of real people – Twitter can’t be the beginning and the end of YOUR Action!

You know what I’m talking about….those momentary Twitter Outrages that last for about week (sometimes less) and then on to the next thing. Don’t get me wrong Twitter (especially “Black Twitter”) has sparked some real action and  is definitely a powerful TOOL in uniting voices and opinions on a single issue – but overall “Twitter Outrage” can be misleading.


Here’s Why… Via Our Folks at 

Twitter may seem like a huge network, giving voices to millions of Americans, but according to Civic Science Founder and CEO John Dick, its user base doesn’t represent demographics equally.

Twitter is only used by 20 percent of the U.S. population, and the Twitter user base isn’t representative of the majority of the populace, according to a recent Civic Science study. In fact, it differs from the Twitterverse in a number of key ways. Compared to the non users surveyed, Twitter users are more likely to be under 35, 20 percent more likely to live in an urban area and less likely to have children.

The theory, according to Dick, is that these demographic differences are to blame for the outrage and confusion surrounding comments made by Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson last December. Cracker Barrel pulled Duck Dynasty merchandise after Robertson’s comments in GQ went viral, but only 40 hours later after a different outrage campaign, they reinstated the products.

Cracker Barrel fell into a common trap: “It mistook sentiment of social media’s most vocal users as reflective of broad-based public opinion, which it isn’t,” Dick wrote on AdAge.

When asked directly about Duck Dynasty and Cracker Barrel, Twitter users were seven percent less likely to say they loved or liked the show, six percent less likely to state a love for Cracker Barrel and nine percent more likely to say they were offended by Robertson’s comments.

Between the demographic data and the direct responses, it’s clear that Cracker Barrel was trying to appease the wrong audience. Marketers pay a lot of attention to Twitter and rightly so — it’s a very powerful marketing platform.

However, when reacting to scandal or social media outrage, companies should take a moment to think about which of their audiences they’re trying to please: customers yelling at them via email, or non-customers yelling at them on Twitter.

Top 10 Music Marketing Trends for 2012

2012 Music Marketing Trends

2012 will be a year of opportunities for the artist who isn’t afraid to embrace all aspects of the digital lifestyle. The successful artist will be the one who is not afraid to take chances and be creative in the online world.

Here are some of the Top Trends in Music Marketing for 2012


  • Facebook‘s “Listen With” feature will be a great asset to artists and encourage streaming service usage and subscriptions.  This will also help artists accrue fans to whom they can publish news feed links to concert tickets, merchandise, and their websites. Driving traffic to these additional revenue streams is crucial since streaming royalties are a very small fraction of a cent per listen.
  • Sync licensing of music for uses in traditional broadcast media, film, and on YouTube will put some $$$ in the pockets of many artists.
  • Artists will continue to make money from the non-digital aspects of music such as tapes, CDs, live shows, events, appearances, collaborations, and, of course, merchandise will continue to offer musicians new ways to make money.
  • Direct-to-fan This is not easy or fast, but necessary.  Sales will coexist with “traditional” online retail outlets to offer places for consumers to find, hear, and buy music.
  • Fan Funding is a great way to generate funds. The key here….the building and maintenance of  your fan base.


Subscription-based streaming sites (Spotify, Rhapsody, Rdio, MOG, Slacker) are great for music consumers but not necessarily the artists. The key here…find new and creative ways to get your fans to share your music and then focus on diversifying your revenue streams!



We all know that the mobile-thing is not new but it will soon become your #1 source for creating content and engaging with your fans.  Smart artists/marketers will need to have a mobile strategy moving ahead.



As location awareness becomes more prevalent and seamless in mobile technology, artists will be more in tune with where fans are. The places you love say a lot about who you are. So if fans are able and willing to share geosocial info, musicians can perform and interact with their fans at places their fans love the most.


5.  BEFORE WE GO ON….please make sure that you are actually marketing good music!  Need I say more? (I do, but will save it for another post!)




A digital and connected life has become the norm.  With all of our gadgets, software, games, smartphones, etc. – it only makes sense to merge all of the various platforms we all use.  For example, attend an event, sign up for a mailing list and simultaneously link your Facebook account, or opt in to receive text message alerts, and so on.



It’s crucial for artists to do live performances in order to connect with their fans on a more authentic level and to move outside of the digital clutter on the internet and other devices.  Remember to work each show with a plan and a purpose.

This will happen in a more intimate setting specifically targeting fan-based crowds and music supported by a more deeply defined audience.  Focus is more on the niche than the numbers.



If you’re pushing a grass-roots campaign or focused on a DIY strategy…unfortunately, this is a feeling you will be all too familiar with in 2012. Without a lot of money, large staff, or an abundance of time – organization, prioritization, and creativity are your best and most reliable avenues.

There are way too many social networks,new tools and services out there that becoming overwhelmed is very easy if you aren’t in control. Don’t do like so many others… sign up for everything, forget about it, and use nothing.

Stay Positive….”The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible”!



Remember, the core fundamentals of music are still the same – meaning, the main focus will always be to build your fan base. Best tools…your website (Is it consistently updated?), your mailing list (Is it growing? Do you communicate regularly?) and your products (hopefully you’re offering more than music)!



The successful artist will do what others are not willing to do. There are no quick and easy ways (no matter what anyone tells you) but in this digital world…all of the tools and resources are available and at your disposal. Use them.

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Hello and welcome to the Wish Creative Media & Marketing blog!

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Now if you’re reading this first post you are probably a close friend, client or family…so spread the word and let people know that our blog will be making regular posts about pr and marketing advice, client updates, business updates in the entertainment industry, photos and videos of all the cool events we will be attending this year and of course just random things that come across my mind.

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